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When Fried produces a crisp pork scratching without skin, resemble a pork popcorn allowing you to add texture to a savoury dish. Sprinkle with SOSA freeze dried prawn powder to create a surf & turf. Available in powder and potato.

Albumin achieved from freeze drying egg whites. It re-hydrates with any type of liquid, just mix in & whisk. The result is 25% more volume than a fresh egg white and is 5 times more stable. Perfect for making Flavoured meringues, mousse, marshmallow, semi-freddo, sorbet, soufflé are just a few products that can be achieved from using this product.

A sugar that is less sweet. Sugars stop water from crystallizing. They soften ice-creams, truffles or mousses and make them spoonable and soft at negative temperatures, making Dextrose ideal for savoury items or to use in recipes with products that are already sweet.

This gives a full bodied texture to runny puree or soup that will not leak water. Blend the powder in hot & boil for one minute this can be kept hot or cooled & reheated for service. Also used to make fruit curd if using eggs.

Modified potato starch. Mix cold or hot. Results in a colourless thickener that gives creamy texture (like confectioners cream). Stable viscosity in the oven. Stable in acidic mixtures. Perfect to produce a dairy egg free lemon curd.

Substitute for sheet gelatine 1 sheet = 8g of instantGel. It is instant so there is no need to heat it. Which makes it ideal for maintaining the properties of ingredients. Perfect for making mousses, meringues, thick soups, semi-freeddo just a few to say the least.

Good for tuiles decorations & caramels. Isomalt is made from sugar and is a white, crystalline and odourless powder. it is useful for individuals with diabetes who must control or monitor their sugar intake. Isomalt has about 45% of the sweetness of sugar and, when utilised in sugar-free confections, it usually is used in combination with intense sweeteners.

It has a low sweetening power & does not add calories. It is added as a bulking agent to savoury ice creams.

A carbohydrate obtained from Tapioca which has been broken down. Soluble both cold & hot. Capacity to absorb oils and convert into powder that can be handled. Can be used to make chocolate powder & alongside our nut pastes to form powders an easy way to add flavour & texture to any dish.

Use with a foam machine, blend in cold or hot giving full bodied hot foam that holds for a lengthy time. Once incorporated don’t take above 65°C.

It is sold in a refined powder, blend in cold & doesn’t need heat to take effect. Giving full bodied foam with a crisp clean flavour that holds for a lengthy time. Can be used with alcohol can even be frozen.

Is a gelling agent extracted from a type of red algae. Is sold as a refined powder which dissolves whilst cold & heated to 80°C for jellification. (always mix the powder with other dry ingredients then pour onto water while stirring). Insoluble in organic solvents. Used as suspensor agent, as a thickener, stabiliser, has a great water absorption capacity making it perfect for freezing pannacotta & holds very well when defrosted even in a warm Kitchen.

Sugars hydrogenated vegetable fat stabilisers. Stabilises, emulsifies and regulates the texture of ice creams with fat content of up to 35%. Dissolves in cold and does not need to be heated to take effect. Best results if left to mature / hydrate for 24 hours before churning. Can also be used for semi-sorbet & if used with SOSA InstantGel and a syphon mousses can be made without meringues or cream.

Vegetable origin carrageen (red algae) + locust bean gum (carob). The only gelling agent that’s completely transparent similar texture to Agar only more elastic & resistant. Heat to over 65°C & use. Gelling temperature 60°C. Heat resistant up to 60°C. Allowing the production of false fruit pastes without sugar, liquid spheres, solid caviar, ravioli, cannellloni. In small quantities it acts as a thickener. It is thermo reversible allowing puree consistency to be achieved.