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Extracted from a type of red algae, Agar also called Agar Agar is a gelling agent which has been used in Japan since the 15th century. It can form gels in very small proportions and can be used to make hot gelatins. Agar is sold as a refined powder which is mixed whilst cold and brought to the boil for fast gelification. Once gelled, it can withstand up to 80°C. Use for example to serve hot jelly with ice cream!

Is a natural product extracted from a brown algae that grow in cold water regions. Algin is the ideal product for achieving spherification with guaranteed results. As a refined powder, Algin gels in the presence of Calcic. It dilutes while cold with strong agitation. It need not be heated to produce spherification. Needs to be used in conjunction with the other spherification products for preparation of spheres.

Is a sugar with the taste, aroma & colour of violets. It can be used to bring a typical floral touch to any pastry or cooking preparation and as a finish to cocktails. The intensity of taste can be reduced by substituting sugar in place of the Azuleta Comes in the form of small violet crystals.

A product is a calcium salt traditionally used in cheese making. Calcic needs to be used in conjunction with Algin to enable the spherification process to work. It is highly water soluble with a considerable calcium content and therefore makes an ideal reactant. Calcic also has a great moisture absorption capacity and is sold as granules.

Is a product made from sodium citrate, obtained mainly from citrus. It has the property of reducing the acidity of foods, and therefore makes it possible to achieve spherical preparations with strongly acidic ingredients. Citras dissolves easily and acts immediately. Citras is also highly water soluble and is sold as a refined powder.

Offers cooks a magic possibility unthinkable until now - the easy, convenient use of honey in its crystallised state. Crumiel enables us to incorporate all the flavour of honey into a vast number of dishes, both sweet and savoury, to enhance them and make combinations with the widest variety of flavours and ingredients, adding a unique crunchy texture to every dish. Presentation in small, irregular granules. It is extremely important to store crumiel in a cool, very dry place to avoid humidification.

Are the tools designed specifically for the Spherification process. The pack contains two syringes - used to create drops that make spherical caviar, dosing spoons - used for mini-spheres, ravioli, gnocchi and balloons - and collecting spoons - used to remove the preparations from the Calcic bath.

Is a product obtained from glycerine and fatty acids. Due to its high stability as an emulsifier it is used to integrate a watery medium into a fatty medium. Glice is sold in flakes which must first be broken down with a fatty element and then added to a watery element. Part of the Texturas range of products.

Consists of calcium gluconolactate, a mixture of two calcium salts (calcium gluconate and calcium lactate) that produces a product rich in calcium and perfect for the technique of Inverse Spherification, while adding no flavour whatsoever to the food under preparation. In the food industry calcium.

Is a natural soya lecithin-based emulsifier. Lecite can convert fruit juices and other watery liquids into airs and can also be used to emulsify impossible sauces. It is sold as a refined powder which is soluble in cold liquids. Try using to create airs from fruit juices which can also be frozen.

Is a gelling agent extracted from a type of red algae, Iota has very specific characteristics and produces a soft, elastic gel. It can be used to make hot gelatins. Iota is sold as a refined powder which dissolves whilst cold and is heated to 80°C for gelification. Iota can be used to make a soft gel from liquids such as milk or fruit juice.

Is a gelling agent extracted from a type of red algae. It produces a gel with a firm, brittle texture which can be used to coat ingredients. Kappa is sold as a refined powder which is mixed whilst cold and brought to the boil for rapid gelification. Use for example to coat cucumbers in bloom.

Contains everything needed to make all kinds of spherical preparations. It consists of the three essential ingredients (Algin, Calcic and Citras) for the procedure, as well as the appropriate tools (Eines).

Is obtained from the fermentation of corn starch with a bacteria found in cabbage. The result is a gum with great thickening power. It also has notable potential as a suspensoid which means that it can maintain elements in suspension in a liquid without their sinking into it. It can also retain gas. Soluble cold and hot. It can thicken alcohol. It is highly resistant to freezing-unfreezing processes. Although temperature is applied it does not lose its thickening properties.