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Welcome to T and J Fine Foods

The Company was founded by Robert Hewson in the early 90’s, originally set up as an oil company, it organically grew into a Fine Food Company with the demand and help of the Chefs.

Robert sold the business to Ian in 2003 and T and J Fine Foods began, for sixteen years our ambition has been to work with our customers, to ensure we provide a wide variety of exciting products, all of which are of the best quality available.

As a small Independent Company we cannot carry both high end and budget products, as years have passed and more of the bigger Companies have started to stock products for both, we made the decision to stick to what we do best, grade A products, no compromise on quality!

Our prices are competitive, of course it’s the old cliché... you get what you pay for!! We pride ourselves on this, and the personal service we provide. We are proud to say that we have customers that have been with us since the 90’s, and a steady growth of new customers, as Chefs move up the ranks and take us with them to their new kitchens, it’s great to know that they appreciate how we work and the value our products bring to their menus.

So a big Thank You to everyone for your on- going support!!!

If you have never used T and J before, please browse through the catalogue, if of interest please give us a ring and we can come out to see you and discuss how we can work together in more detail.

Kind regards, The Team at T&J